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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Meaning of Guerrilla Warfare

The word Guerrilla (Spanish) is derived from Guerra which means "war". The "Guerrilla warfare" means " a mode of harassing an enemy by small bands." A member of such a band is called "Guerrilla".
"Guerrilla warfare," thus is "an irregular war waged independently by small bodies. At present, this term is used to represent a method of conducting war by employing bands living in an area occupied by enemy. Guerrilla warfare, unlike regular warfare, which is the concern of the armed forces, is carried on by fighters who may be either private citizens or regular soldiers cut of from their main force.

Mineral Resources of Pakistan.

Pakistan though deficient in minerals, but all the same, has been much alive to the importance of minerals in the development of the country. Valuable reports and maps were being published as a result of the Geological Survey of Pakistan. Foreign geological experts help was also sought for the geological exploration and seeking to tap the mineral wealth of the country. Iron, coal, mineral oil, natural gas, chromite, rock salt, gypsum, limestone, etc., are the minerals which are most vital to the economy of Pakistan.

Main Source of Income

What is the main source of income of Pakistan.

The main source of income of Pakistan is agriculture. The occupation of agriculture in Pakistan stretches as for back as the pre-historic times. Even at present it meets the main needs of the people's livelihood. It also accounts for the main source of the country's economy. Again, it is the source of raw materials for her principal industries. Approximately 95% of her exports are the products of arable and pastoral forming. More than 60% of Pakistan's income is due to agriculture.

Cementing Factor

Is Islam the cementing Factor for Pakistanis?

Yes, Islam is the cementing factor for Pakistanis. The ex-President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, while addressing the diamond jubilee session of the Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam at Lahore on March 26 1967 had said that you should exist your life according to Quran and making them the guiding principles of practical life. Islamic history should also be studied in its true perspective and a leaf should be taken from the events of the past.
The ex-President said that for more than the people of other Muslim countries, Pakistan needed the Islamic teachings most, because people in other Muslim countries shared the ties of language and race, but Pakistan Islam was the greatest cementing factor among its people. The only way to serve Islam and to preserve nationalism was to search the right path through the guidance of the Quran.

Pakistan's Central Importance.

Describe Pakistan's central importance in the Muslim World.

Pakistan maintains an internally important position in the world and in the Muslim world in particular. It is connected with the Muslim countries of South-West Asia, which are often linked together under the title of the Middle East countries. They are all rich in oil. The Arab countries of North Africa are situated to further westward. Thus, there is, by Allah's grace, one unbreakable chain of Muslim countries, which have got great agricultural and mineral resources. The Muslim States of Indonesia and Malaysia also lie in line with Pakistan. Thus, Pakistan is unique in many ways. It commands a central importance in the Muslim world.

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