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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What is a Cold War?

Cold war is a political rather then a military affair. It precedes a formal declaration of war. It refers to a condition of international dispute somewhere  between negotiation and war itself. It is, in fact, a dangerous situation where relations among  nations have become strained and the next step in the worsening plight can lead to armed war. The participant nations in the cold war are, indeed, in political and economic conflict except by the exercise of mutual restraint, total war has not ensued.
It is with all possible means, short of war conflict except by the exercise of mutual restraint, total war by which a country aims at uprooting the existing balance of power. It makes utmost attempts to weaken the enemy by winning over his possible allies, overthrowing  constitutional authority through subversion and infiltration, confusing his beliefs and undermining his economy.
The Cold war, on account of division of the world in two blocs, following divergent policies, has acquired a world-wide range. Each bloc is seeking to reach, before war becomes inevitable, such a position that it can be won with the minimum period of fighting.

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