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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kinds Of Intelligence Tests

There are two kinds of intelligence tests. They are: Verbal Intelligence Tests and Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests.
Verbal Intelligence Tests: In a verbal intelligence test, the items are expressed in language forms. In this test, there are about 80 questions which are to be answered in a brief time of about half an hour.
The candidate must begin with solving the easy questions. He must try to solve them correctly. He must not be in much haste to spoil his work. He must be patient and steady in solving the problems. His confidence will help him to gain credit for himself in the tests. In order to gain a high number of marks, the candidate must concentrate on establishing relationships between different things or patterns given in the setting in the minimum time. He must observe very minutely the words, figures, patterns, etc. The candidate should note and analyses the particular relationship between these things.
The verbal intelligence tests are of various types. They are:
Analogy Test: One-word substitution, Insertion of Missing Letter, Insertion of Missing Number or Figure, Word Forming, Jumbled Words, Formation of Correct Sentence, Letter Distinction, General Knowledge Test, Alphabetical Test, Completion Test, Synonym Test, Direction Test, Completion Test, Coding Direction Test, Spotting the Stranger, Code Test Coding and Decoding, Commonsense Test, Multiple Choice Test, Arithmetic Test, etc.
Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests: In Non-verbal intelligence tests, the items are expressed by materials, for instance, line drawings, patterns, wooden or plastic pictures, etc.
These test are, usually, arranged to remove the inconvenience of most of the candidates who are not fully familiar with the language. Besides, the Mujaheds or soldiers in the Pakistan Armed Forces have often to tackle such situations in their practiced military life.
The non-verbal intelligence tests comprise: Matrix Test, Sequence Test, Mechanical Aptitude Test, Word Association Test, Thematic Apperception (Picture-Story writing) Test, Psychological Situational Test (The story of THEO or Mr.''X''), Block-Marking Test, etc.

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