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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Instructions for solving Intelligence Tests

1. The Testing Officer, before putting the candidates to a test, imparts instructions to the candidates as to how they have to answer the questions. He gives instructions regarding the requirements of the tests, how and where they have to write the answers and the time limit, etc. The candidates must listen to those instructions carefully and try to grasp every detail. If a candidate finds even a slightest doubt about a question, etc., he should have to clarified there and then. But as soon as the candidates are ordered to begin solving the questions, they are not allowed to ask anything from any one.
2. The times of tests are very short. A candidate usually gets only 30 seconds for one question. Hence, he must work quickly. If the candidate fails to concentrate on solving the questions and is entangled in thinking, then he is sure to lag behind.
3. There may be some questions, the answers of which are not readily known to the candidates. In such situations, the candidates, must leave them and pass on to answering the next questions. On reaching the end, the candidates can time and refer back to such unattempted questions and can answer these.
4. The candidates should not put any marks on the booklets which contain questions. They should not tear any page out of it. These booklets are to be returned to the testing officer intact.
5. Along with the question booklets, the candidates are given an answer sheet. The candidates should be very careful in filling the personal particulars on the top of their sheet. Before starting writing answers to the questions, the candidates must fill in these particulars.
6. Usually, in the first column of this answer sheet, serial number of the questions contained in the booklet are supplied. The candidates should start giving answers in the second column.

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