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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Classical Physics Period

1. In this period physics was subdivided into mechanics, heat, sound, light and electricity.
2. The theoretical mechanics was developed by D, Alembert, Euler, Lagrange and Laplace.
3. During this period the Newtonian Mechanics was so well established that the end of physics was in sight. The physicists thought they had achieved and explained everything.
4. In the field of heat,
-- Fahrenheit developed thermometers and temperature scales.
-- Black introduced the concepts of latent and specific heats.
-- Rumford, Joule and Rowland established that heat was merely a form energy.
-- Carnot gave the idea of ideal heat engine.
-- Kelvin stated his laws of themodynamics.
5. Several physicists determined the velocity of light.
6. Young, Fresnel, Malus and Brewster did a lot of research work in the field of optics.
7. Maxwell proposed his famous electromagnetic wave theory of light.
8. In this period a lot of research work was done in the field of electricity.
(a) Electricity and Magnetism were found to be interrelated.
(b) Franklin, Cavendish and Coulomb did significant work in electrostatics.
(c) Galvani and Volta studied the field of current electricity.
(d) Faraday did a lot of research in the fields of electricity and magnetism and formulated his laws of electromagnetic induction.
9. Maxwell was the most outstanding theoretical physicist of this period. He did a lot of work in thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism.

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