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Friday, January 13, 2012

Qualities For A Good Interview

More can be learn about a person in a brief interview than through his answer books on different subjects. An article of interest can better be judged at a glance than through statement of its qualifications in its absence. A judgment can easily be formed at an interview because it calls forth all the faculties of human personality and as such is more significant and revealing than the written test. One may be extraordinarily successful in answering written questions but may not be desirable otherwise.
The interview has become an essential part of every important competitive examination. After written papers have been valued, interviews of a certain number of topmost successful candidates are held to decide finally about their fate. Viva voce or oral tests also form a part of regular examinations conducted by the Academic Body of the University of Oxford. Viva Voce discloses candidate's mental alertness, initiative, self-confidence, etc.
Importance of interview is very great. A successful interview of a few minutes may enable a candidate to win a decent career. It may carry him from the list of qualified candidates to that of selected candidates or even from the bottom of such a list to higher positions and ultimately to comparatively better services. On the other hand, a little bit of deficiency may turn the scales against him.
The military forces of Pakistan want to recruit Mujahed like young men. The military authorities seek to select such young men who develop the qualities of leadership, initiative, co-operative attitude, social adjustments, etc.
In an interview, generally, such questions are put to the candidate which bring out his common sense, his familiarity with the current national and international happenings and the current social and political trends of the world while answering questions in an interview the candidate or the interviewee must feel natural and easy. The candidate must answer questions in an easy way. The candidate must not attempt to answer those questions which are not put to him. To boast of his academic qualifications and family links, which have already been furnished in the application from, often, entangle the candidate into trouble.
An intelligent interviewee, keeping in view the kind of service he is pursuing, he can almost predict the nature of the questions that can be put to him. Therefore, the candidate should keep himself busy in collecting the required information, well in time.
The interviewee must be very smart in listening and answering the questions put to him. He should be sensible as well as sensitive. His approach to questions should be positive and not negative. The candidate should try to make the conversation lively and not dull. The candidate must use simple and right words while answering questions in an interview.
The interviewee who is able to talk fluently and express himself effectively will secure high marks. For that purpose, the candidate or interviewee must possess a sound knowledge on various subjects of discussion. The candidate must be in a position to support his views with valid reasoning. He should explain in a convincingly manner as to why he agrees or disagrees with a particular propositions. Simply saying 'yes' or 'no' to a question is not sufficient.
The Board which conducts the interview of the candidate, is not merely interested in his mere knowledge. It gives close attention to the candidate's reactions to various situations. It may, intentionally, endeavor to upset the mental stability of the candidate in order to discover his true personality. The Board may attempt to annoy or provoke him by pronouncing his name incorrectly, by not offering a chair to sit immediately, by asking to perform certain odd errands, viz., fetching water, serving tea, removing some furniture, etc. It is against respect to his mind by deliberately attributing certain wrong statements to him, pointing out to certain spots on his clothes, mixing up of personal facts. There are instances, where the interviewee has been asked to sing a song, recite a poem, crack a joke, etc. Such curious situations are coined by the Board for bringing out the true value of the interviewee. In all such odd circumstances, the Interviewee should attempt to retain his calmness and presence of mind.
For displaying good qualities in interview, the candidate should also observe the following helpful hints.
Speak in a natural way.
Don't Bluff.
Don't be Rude.
Sticking to one's point of view.
Keeping a copy of application.
Argument and challenge.
Be Fit.
Follow Direction.
Most of All " Keep Faith in Allah "

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