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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meaning Of Intelligence

The word intelligence has been defined in different ways by various psychologists, but they all agree to one simple definition which says, Intelligence means " an innate ablity to solve problems".
This innate ability is not acquired in class rooms and from the reading of books, but is available in a person from his birth. The intelligence is the essence of the faculties of understanding reasoning , judgement, adaptability, persistence and self-criticism.
There are some writers who believe in general intelligence, while there are some others who think that there is no general intelligence. To the first class belongs writers like Ster. Meanman and Ballard, whereas to the second class belongs writers like Thorndiko. Wordsworth defines "intelligence" as that "which involves doing a miscellaneous lot of things and do them right". Cyril Burt says, "intelligence is he power of reasoning and adjustment to new situations". Ebbinghans considers that "intelligence is the ability to abstract, compare, contrast and classify. The formulator of "patient puzzle", Binet, a well-known psychologist is of the view that intelligence consists of (a) Consciousness of the ends to be attained;
(b) The trial of possible means to end; (c) Auto-criticism of the trials made.

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